Month: March 2021

Age 2-5 Book Review

REVIEW: Beegu By Alexis Deacon

BOOK: BEEGU AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR: ALEXIS DEACON PUBLISHER: REDFOX PAGES: 40 AGE RECOMMENDED: 4+ “Earth creatures were mostly big and unfriendly, but there were some small ones who seemed hopeful’ The above line from the book triggered my memory back to 2015. I was doing my MBA, got placed on campus and the company called […]

Age 2-5 Book Review

Review: Mine! By Rachel Bright

BOOK: MINE! AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR: RACHEL BRIGHT PUBLISHER: PUFFIN PAGES: 32 AGE RECOMMENDED: 3+ This is a story of two twins, Fifi and Frankie. Fifi loves pink and princess, whereas Frankie loves Blue and cowboys. They both are different but they loved their little bunny toy very much. One day they went to their grandmother’s […]

Age 2-5 Book Review

REVIEW: Plummet by Tony and Jan Payne

BOOK: PLUMMET AUTHOR: TONY AND JAN PAYNE ILLUSTRATOR: EMILY BOLAM PUBLISHER: B.E.S PUBLISHING PAGES: 32 AGE RECOMMENDED: 3+ Plummet is a story of a flying frog, who feels sad and lonely as he was not able to fly like the other flying frogs. He was disappointed and filled with grief. He often found alone and […]

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