Month: July 2021

Book Review Non Fiction

REVW: What Are Germs? By Katie Daynes

BOOK: WHAT ARE GERMS? AUTHOR: KATIE DAYNES ILLUSTRATOR: MARTA ALVAREZ MIGUENS PUBLISHER: USBORNE PUBLICATIONS PAGES: 12 AGE RECOMMENDED: 3+ It’s mid of 2021 and still the pandemic is surviving. I feel horrible seeing things around me and I am very sad to say to Nathan, don’t touch this or wear his mask. This book about […]

Indian Author

REVIEW: Number March By Nalini Sorensen

BOOK: NUMBER MARCH AUTHOR: NALINI SORENSEN ILLUSTRATOR: SHRADDHA PIMPUTKAR PUBLISHER: FUN OK PLEASE PAGES: 52 AGE RECOMMENDED: 3+ Introducing numbers to kids is something we emphasis from a very young. We talk to them through books or while walking on the stairs or through the lift buttons or through activities. Numbers are everywhere around us […]

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