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REVW: What Are Germs? By Katie Daynes

BOOK: WHAT ARE GERMS? AUTHOR: KATIE DAYNES ILLUSTRATOR: MARTA ALVAREZ MIGUENS PUBLISHER: USBORNE PUBLICATIONS PAGES: 12 AGE RECOMMENDED: 3+ It’s mid of 2021 and still the pandemic is surviving. I feel horrible seeing things around me and I am very sad to say to Nathan, don’t touch this or wear his mask. This book about […]

Age 2-5 Book Review Non Fiction

REVIEW: Inside out sharks by David George Gordon

BOOK: INSIDE OUT SHARKS AUTHOR: DAVID GEORGE GORDON ILLUSTRATOR: JOSHUA BEACH, DAVIDE BONADONNA, ANDREW HESS AND CHRISTIAN KITZMULLER PUBLISHER: QUARTO PUBLISHING PAGES: 16 AGE RECOMMENDED: 4+ Sharks are the predators of the sea. This book gives us a three-dimensional view of their body. The book talks about their skeletal system, cardiopulmonary system, reproductive system, digestive […]

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