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REVIEW: Respect The Insect By Jules Howard

BOOK: RESPECT THE INSECT AUTHOR: JULES HOWARD ILLUSTRATOR: GOSIA HERBA PUBLISHER: WIDE EYED EDITIONS PAGES: 60 AGE RECOMMENDED: 7+ This vibrant book begins with a whimsical introduction about insects, emphasizing their remarkable qualities and their significant contributions to the environment. The book is divided into five distinct sections: Cleaner-Uppers, Menu Makers, Ecosystem Enigmas, Teeny-Tiny Teachers, […]

Book Review Non Fiction

Review: Above And Below By Patricia Hegarty

BOOK: ABOVE AND BELOW AUTHOR: PATRICIA HEGARTY ILLUSTRATOR: HANAKO CLULOW PUBLISHER: LITTLE TIGER PRESS PAGES: 22 AGE RECOMMENDED: 3+ This non-fiction picture book focuses on eight different animal habitats or ecosystems, including the arctic, the savannah, the forest, the rainforest, the north pole, a river, mountain caves, the African Savannah, and the cliff tops.  There […]

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