When we seek to know God’s will, three things must come together: our inner urge or desire, the word of God, and the trend of circumstances. John 6:38 says For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me. The inner urge or desire […]

Age 2-5 Indian Author

REVIEW: Kadai Veedhi Kalakalakkum/கடை வீதி கலகலக்கும்

BOOK: KADAI VEEDHI KALAKALALLUM/கடை வீதி கலகலக்கும் AUTHOR: RAMYA SETHURAM ILLUSTRATOR: BHAVYA DESAI PUBLISHER: AGAN ADHIGARAM PAGES: 22 AGE RECOMMENDED: 4+ My favourite author and publisher have released their third book, and I have the privilege of reviewing it again. This is about a new book called “Kadai Veedhi Kalakalakkum” (கடை வீதி கலகலக்கும்), which tells the […]

Faith Books

REVIEW: The Stained Envelope By Aurelie Lien

BOOK: THE STAINED ENVELOPE AUTHOR:  AURELIE LIEN ILLUSTRATOR: RUSSELL GUNNING  PUBLISHER: INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING PAGES: 41 AGE RECOMMENDED: 5+ “The Stained Envelope” is a heartwarming story about Flekk, a plain envelope from Lillehammer, Norway. Flekk was delighted when he was chosen to deliver a letter and embark on a new adventure. However, his excitement quickly turned […]

Age 6+

REVIEW: Baggage By Laurel Lorenzini

BOOK: BAGGAGE AUTHOR:  LAUREL LORENZINI ILLUSTRATOR: AMANDA LETCHER PUBLISHER: TWO FLOWER PRESS PAGES: 32 AGE RECOMMENDED: 5+ The story Baggage is about a child named Micha who always carries a wagon filled with bags labelled with emotions like fear or sadness. Despite being surrounded by kind people who invite Micha to play, sing, and have […]

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