Age 2-5 Book Review

REVIEW: MOTH: An Evolution Story By Isabel Thomas

BOOK: MOTH: AN EVOLUTION JOURNEY AUTHOR: ISABEL THOMAS ILLUSTRATOR: DANIEL EGNEUS PUBLISHER: BLOOMSBURY PAGES: 48 AGE RECOMMENDED: 4+ A moth is an interesting non-fiction book about a Peppered moth. Until the early 1800s, most peppered moths had speckled wings, which helped camouflage them on trees, while those few born with solid black wings were easier […]

Age 1-2 Book Review

REVIEW: MUD By Mary Lynn Ray

BOOK: MUD AUTHOR: MARY LYNN RAY ILLUSTRATOR: LAUREN STRINGER PUBLISHER: VOYAGER BOOKS HARCOURT, INC PAGES: 32 AGE RECOMMENDED: 2+ Who doesn’t love to play in the mud? The famous cartoon ‘Peppa pig’ made almost every toddler play in muddy puddles. We knew gooey mud comes after the rain. But, this book walks us through another […]

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