REVIEW: Respect The Insect By Jules Howard

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REVIEW: Respect The Insect By Jules Howard







This vibrant book begins with a whimsical introduction about insects, emphasizing their remarkable qualities and their significant contributions to the environment. The book is divided into five distinct sections: Cleaner-Uppers, Menu Makers, Ecosystem Enigmas, Teeny-Tiny Teachers, and Inspiring Icons. Each section discusses various insects in detail.

Do you know how much Emperor Dragonflies prey on mosquitoes? I should probably try to find them when the mosquito population is at its peak. Ironically, though, male mosquitoes don’t drink blood; they drink nectar from flowers. The Chocolate Midge is an insect that thrives on cocoa trees. Since it is very tiny, it can suck on cocoa flower nectar and move pollen from one flower to another. Shellac can be found in lac bugs, but once humans discovered its uses, they began to exploit it. 

Insects play a vital role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem, both on land and in the air and water. This includes understanding why wasps are attracted to our food during the summer. It’s interesting to note that humans share about 50% of their DNA with fruit flies. Additionally, many early scholars, composers, poets, and artists used ink derived from gall wasps for writing. This book mentions many more different types of insects.

Brimming with vibrant illustrations, this book serves as a treasure trove for insect enthusiasts. It delves into the world of unique and uncommon insects, showcasing species not typically found in ordinary books. Remarkably, the facts presented in the book are closely connected to our everyday surroundings. As a result, with a keen eye, we may encounter some of these fascinating insects from the book in our environment. Without insects like the ones in this book, we wouldn’t exist. But they are disappearing quickly. So it’s our responsibility to use things wisely without disturbing the environment.

The release date for this book is July 9th. I will definitely be adding this book to our home library.

I’m grateful to NetGalley for providing me with the opportunity to read this book.

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