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REVIEW: Kadai Veedhi Kalakalakkum/கடை வீதி கலகலக்கும்

BOOK: KADAI VEEDHI KALAKALALLUM/கடை வீதி கலகலக்கும் AUTHOR: RAMYA SETHURAM ILLUSTRATOR: BHAVYA DESAI PUBLISHER: AGAN ADHIGARAM PAGES: 22 AGE RECOMMENDED: 4+ My favourite author and publisher have released their third book, and I have the privilege of reviewing it again. This is about a new book called “Kadai Veedhi Kalakalakkum” (கடை வீதி கலகலக்கும்), which tells the […]

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REVIEW: SARA-VIN GIRAMATHU PAYANAM/ சாரா கிராமத்துப் பயணம் By Bharati Velusamy

BOOK: SARA-VIN GIRAMATHU PAYANAM/ சாரா கிராமத்துப் பயணம் AUTHOR: BHARATHI VELUSAMY ILLUSTRATOR: SANDHYA PRAKASH PUBLISHER: NAVIR PUBLICATION PAGES: 16 AGE RECOMMENDED: 2+ Let me take you through this beautiful and versatile book. This book will take every reader on their summer holidays. I remember going to my grandparent’s house in Chennai, and my brother and I loved […]

Book Review Indian Author Indian Author

REVIEW: வடை போச்சே /Vadai Pochae by Ramya – Sethuraman

BOOK: வடை போச்சே /VADAI POCHAE AUTHOR: RAMYA SETHURAM ILLUSTRATOR: IDA BERNICE  PUBLISHER: AGAN ADHIGARAM PAGES: 8 AGE RECOMMENDED: 1+ Four years back I couldn’t find any interactive books in Tamil for my son. I have different interactive books in English and he enjoyed them all these years. I thought his love for interactive books would […]

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REVIEW: Gajapati Kulapati GURRBURRRROOOM! By Ashok Rajagopalan

BOOK NAME: GAJAPATI KULAPATI GURRBURRRROOOM! AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR: ASHOK RAJAGOPALAN PAGES: 20 PUBLISHER: TULIKA AGE RECOMMENDED: 2+ Gajapathi Kulapathi is a very big, huggable elephant and every kid’s favourite character. There are three different stories about the kind elephant and the author did a beautiful job with the story. Also heard from the author fourth […]

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