REVIEW: Vaazhai Ilai Virundhu By Monisha

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REVIEW: Vaazhai Ilai Virundhu By Monisha







Today is #worldfoodday and the book I am going to talk about today is about the heritage of Tamil food. When I say Tamil food, anyone can relate to the banana leaf. At a feast, a large banana leaf is spread and a scrumptious meal is served.  Before serving the food, we clean the leaf by splashing some water and the elaborate meal consisting of sweets, salt, rice, different curries and lots of vegetables is served in the designated spot.

Vaazhai ilai virundhu talks about this elaborate feast. Each page in this book depicts a dish and it is illustrated beautifully. This book is very clever as it also introduces counting to kids. Though it’s not just about numbers. Instead, kids are made to visually understand the Tamil food serving culture on a banana leaf and dining together.

I am amazed to read this beautiful book that talks about the authentic food, of Tamil Nadu. Apart from all that, there’s an interesting part about the banana leaf is according to the banana leaf folding, we can convey to the host; whether they liked the food or not. These small nuances can be taught to kids while reading this book.

Nathan enjoyed reading this book and he was saying, he wanted to plan a big feast soon, just like it depicted in the book. A good Tamil book to be read from babies to preschoolers.

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