Author: Karen Nirupa

Hi, I am Karen- Mom to a 6-year-old and a passionate book reviewer. A book lover myself, I strongly believe in reading to kids on a daily basis, to help them turn into mini bookworms. I find delight in my every growing bookshelf. Join us on our reading journey and don't forget to share your bookish love with us too.


When we seek to know God’s will, three things must come together: our inner urge or desire, the word of God, and the trend of circumstances. John 6:38 says For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me. The inner urge or desire […]

Age 2-5 Indian Author

REVIEW: Kadai Veedhi Kalakalakkum/கடை வீதி கலகலக்கும்

BOOK: KADAI VEEDHI KALAKALALLUM/கடை வீதி கலகலக்கும் AUTHOR: RAMYA SETHURAM ILLUSTRATOR: BHAVYA DESAI PUBLISHER: AGAN ADHIGARAM PAGES: 22 AGE RECOMMENDED: 4+ My favourite author and publisher have released their third book, and I have the privilege of reviewing it again. This is about a new book called “Kadai Veedhi Kalakalakkum” (கடை வீதி கலகலக்கும்), which tells the […]

Faith Books

REVIEW: The Stained Envelope By Aurelie Lien

BOOK: THE STAINED ENVELOPE AUTHOR:  AURELIE LIEN ILLUSTRATOR: RUSSELL GUNNING  PUBLISHER: INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING PAGES: 41 AGE RECOMMENDED: 5+ “The Stained Envelope” is a heartwarming story about Flekk, a plain envelope from Lillehammer, Norway. Flekk was delighted when he was chosen to deliver a letter and embark on a new adventure. However, his excitement quickly turned […]

Age 6+

REVIEW: Baggage By Laurel Lorenzini

BOOK: BAGGAGE AUTHOR:  LAUREL LORENZINI ILLUSTRATOR: AMANDA LETCHER PUBLISHER: TWO FLOWER PRESS PAGES: 32 AGE RECOMMENDED: 5+ The story Baggage is about a child named Micha who always carries a wagon filled with bags labelled with emotions like fear or sadness. Despite being surrounded by kind people who invite Micha to play, sing, and have […]

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