Author: Karen Nirupa

Hi, I am Karen- Mom to a 6-year-old and a passionate book reviewer. A book lover myself, I strongly believe in reading to kids on a daily basis, to help them turn into mini bookworms. I find delight in my every growing bookshelf. Join us on our reading journey and don't forget to share your bookish love with us too.

REVIEW: Little People Big Dreams Rafa Nadal

BOOK: LITTLE PEOPLE BIG DREAMS RAFA NADAL AUTHOR: MARIA ISABEL SANCHEZ VEGARA ILLUSTRATOR: RO LEDESMA PUBLISHER: FRANCES LINCOLN CHILDREN’S BOOKS PAGES: 32 AGE RECOMMENDED: 4+ Rafael Nadal was my favourite tennis player back then, and he hasn’t been replaced by anyone else to this day. The “Little People, Big Dreams” series of books about different […]

Book Review Non Fiction

REVIEW: Respect The Insect By Jules Howard

BOOK: RESPECT THE INSECT AUTHOR: JULES HOWARD ILLUSTRATOR: GOSIA HERBA PUBLISHER: WIDE EYED EDITIONS PAGES: 60 AGE RECOMMENDED: 7+ This vibrant book begins with a whimsical introduction about insects, emphasizing their remarkable qualities and their significant contributions to the environment. The book is divided into five distinct sections: Cleaner-Uppers, Menu Makers, Ecosystem Enigmas, Teeny-Tiny Teachers, […]

Graphic Novel

REVIEW: Bug Scouts By Mike Lowery

BOOK: BUG SCOUTS AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR: MIKE LOWERY PUBLISHER: GRAPHIX PAGES: 64 AGE RECOMMENDED: 6+ Graphic novels are perfect books for kids who are ready to read but still miss their picture books. Nathan’s first graphic novel was “Bug Scouts”, and it greatly aided his transition from picture books. Bug Scouts is a simple and […]


God’s Whisper In our Stillness

That night the LORD appeared to [Isaac). GENESIS 26:24 That night, Isaac arrived in Beersheba. Was this revelation a coincidence? Was its timing accidental? Could it have occurred on any other night? If you think so, you are gravely mistaken. Why did Isaac receive the revelation on the night he reached Beersheba? Because it was […]

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