Author: Karen Nirupa

Hi, I am Karen- Mom to a 6-year-old and a passionate book reviewer. A book lover myself, I strongly believe in reading to kids on a daily basis, to help them turn into mini bookworms. I find delight in my every growing bookshelf. Join us on our reading journey and don't forget to share your bookish love with us too.
Age 2-5 Book Review


BOOK: RAIN SCHOOL AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR: JAMES RUMFORD PUBLISHER: HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT PUBLISHING PAGES: 32 AGE RECOMMENDED: 4+ It takes a village to build a school. Rain School is a poignant narrative that illuminates the obstacles children encounter in their pursuit of education and the remarkable endeavours individuals make to establish schools. The writer, a […]


The God who makes it possible and ready

He enabled her to conceive. Genesis 29:31(NIV) He opened her womb Genesis 29:31(KJV) The verse above contains an intriguing use of language. Both translations offer an interesting perspective to consider. “Enable” signifies the act of making something possible, while “open” implies that it is ready after a verb. In Genesis 29, we learn about Jacob […]


Astounded by Grace

“Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.” Acts 10:15 The account of Cornelius and Peter showed the path for numerous non-Jews to accept Jesus as their rescuer and Lord. Acts 10 is an intriguing section and the vision Peter receives from God will enlighten us to how we are evaluating the other […]

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