REVIEW: Nila Nila By Gurupriya and Vedanth

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REVIEW: Nila Nila By Gurupriya and Vedanth

BOOK: NILA NILA/ நிலா நிலா






As a child in a Tamil family, it was almost certain that you would have heard the Tamil nursery rhyme Nila Nila Odi Va. One of our cherished memories may be of our parents or grandparents pointing out the moon and feeding us food. Inspired by this, T4 Tales has crafted a stunning touch-and-feel playbook. This vibrant and eye-catching book is suitable for babies and children aged 6 and above due to its versatility. It is bilingual and can be enjoyed as a story or a song for young children, while also serving as a useful reading tool for older kids.

The Nila Nila book stands out from the touch-and-feel books found on the market. The artwork is incredibly lively and the text is boldly written to captivate the attention of children. The book contains various tactile features on every page and the illustrator has cleverly hidden cute images of the moon throughout. (Be sure to get a copy and let me know which pictures you spotted on the moon!) I am amazed by how they managed to infuse the scent of jasmine or maligai poo into one page of the book. Impressive!

The book has inclusive pictures and there is some twist to the old lyrics which is easy to read and sing. This book is the ideal choice for a bedtime read and you can also enjoy its musical adaptation.

The adorable yellow Nila included with this book has captured my heart, and even as I grow older, plush toys still bring me joy and excitement.

I received the book from publisher T4 Tales for free to review; all words are my own. You can purchase this book from Amazon or on their website

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