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Age 6+ Book Review

REVIEW: The Unique Friendship Of Grover And Steve By Lee Cherry

BOOK: THE UNIQUE FRIENDSHIP OF GROVER AND STEVE AUTHOR:  LEE CHERRY ILLUSTRATOR: BUFFIE BIDDLE PUBLISHER: AUSTIN MACAULEY PUBLISHERS PAGES: 40 AGE RECOMMENDED: 5+ Grover, a donkey, and Steve, an ostrich, are two different animals living on the Great Plains. Despite their differences, they learned to embrace and appreciate each other’s uniqueness and became great friends. […]

Age 6+

REVIEW: Baggage By Laurel Lorenzini

BOOK: BAGGAGE AUTHOR:  LAUREL LORENZINI ILLUSTRATOR: AMANDA LETCHER PUBLISHER: TWO FLOWER PRESS PAGES: 32 AGE RECOMMENDED: 5+ The story Baggage is about a child named Micha who always carries a wagon filled with bags labelled with emotions like fear or sadness. Despite being surrounded by kind people who invite Micha to play, sing, and have […]

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