REVIEW: Luna Heartstrong & the Brave Explorers of Deep Space By Lyra Brave

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REVIEW: Luna Heartstrong & the Brave Explorers of Deep Space By Lyra Brave






Luna Heartstrong, a girl from a small planet far out in the Milky Way, has always had a heart full of dreams. She would often gaze up at the stars and wonder about the vastness of the universe beyond her home. Despite being from a small planet, Luna’s aspirations were anything but small. Her heart was full of dreams that would take her on an adventure beyond her wildest imagination. Imagine a world where your deepest desires are not only heard but also fulfilled. A world where you can embark on exciting adventures. She received a mysterious invitation to join a team of fearless adventurers and explore the unknown. She meets the other crew member, NOVA, the ship’s AI, Maya, the engineer, and a blue alien, Squeak. Together they set off on a thrilling adventure.

Luna and her crew face a dangerous situation when their spaceship gets attacked by space pirates. But as Luna knows, being brave doesn’t mean that you don’t feel fear. It’s about staying calm and focused in the face of danger. Through their teamwork, Luna and her crew were able to not only defeat the pirates but also continue their journey into deep space. But, Squeak suddenly feels stressed and feels he is not ready for this mission. He suddenly felt overwhelmed and stressed. But instead of giving up, Squeak decided to seek help from his friends. As they talked it out, they stumbled upon a helpful technique – deep breaths.

With magnificent quilling art illustrations on each page, this book takes readers on a journey through the complex world of anxiety and stress. It provides detailed insights into the causes of these conditions, as well as practical tips and techniques for managing them. This book is definitely worth checking out as this book talks about big emotions in kids and there is also a Q&A page added by the author at the end of the book.

I received the book’s digital copy to review; all words are my own.

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