REVIEW: Go! Go! Go! Stop! By Charise Mericle Harper

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REVIEW: Go! Go! Go! Stop! By Charise Mericle Harper






It’s a story of green peas and red peas. Green Peas only knew to say “GO” he loves practising the word GO. He was excited to say the new word to the world and he went to a construction site and shouted GO! The vehicles that were building a bridge suddenly heard GO and the construction vehicles started doing their work fast and everything landed in chaos. Then came red peas, and he knew only to say STOP. Just like a traffic signal, this started working together and they were bringing the vehicles in order and the bridge was completed. Once the bridge got over, yellow peas came in to say SLOW DOWN. A beautiful story of GO, STOP and slowdown, this repetition helps the toddlers to enhance their speaking capacity.

green pea says GO
green peas say GO
Green pea says GO loudly
Green peas say GO loudly
Construction vechiles are doing their work.
Construction vehicles are doing their work.
Little Green pea started to say GO loudly and chaos everywhere.
Little Green Pea started to say GO loudly and chaos was everywhere.
Enrty of Red pea.
The entry of Red pea.
Red pea says STOP loudly
Red pea says STOP loudly
Both the peas started saying GO and STOP
Both the peas started saying GO and STOP
Both join together and like a traffic signal they acted together.
Both joined and as a traffic signal, they acted together.

` A great book for pretend play where a kid can imagine and play, GO and STOP using their construction toys and their blocks.

This is a story which helps to learn about traffic lights also. We did a simple activity for traffic lights using leaves.

Things needed,

  • Collect three colour leaves or flowers (red, orange and green)
  • paper or cardboard
  • glue

Arrange the leaves or flowers in the traffic lights and start sticking them on paper or cardboard. A simple activity for a toddler and an easy way to teach about traffic signals.

Let me know if you tried this activity. don’t forget to tag me on my Instagram page, would love to check them.

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