The Bear And The Piano By David Litchfield

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The Bear And The Piano By David Litchfield






The bear and the piano series is a wonderful story, packed with bright illustrations and ease for reading aloud.

The story starts with a curious bear finding a musical instrument in the middle of the forest. He hasn’t seen such a beautiful one, and when he presses each key, the sound was discordant. Day after day he came regularly and soon the keys making sense and there were clear patterns around him. A girl and her father came to picnic and were amazed by the bear’s music and asked him to play in the big city. The bear longs to explore the world beyond his home, to hear new things, and to play improved than before. But he knows that if he leaves, the other bears will be very sad. He followed his dream, and he earned fame and fortune in his music, but he started missing his friends and his forest. He decided to go visit the forest, and he was surprised to see things around. What could it be?

The author took the story in a whimsical way, and the illustrations are so beautiful. This story depicts much meaning, but I loved was no matter where we go, our hearts will be where the family is. They are special and they are bound to make things happy for us.

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