REVIEW: Amma’s tool kit by Nandhini Nayar

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REVIEW: Amma’s tool kit by Nandhini Nayar







This is a story about Tara and Mini, who love to play and explore things. The girls are waiting for their mother to return from their grandparents. Their mother came to find streets flooded with water and the girls playing with their paper boats. Amma was surprised to see the street flooded with water and curiously she went inside the house to find a broken pipe the girls said it was the dad who broke the pipe. Amma didn’t panic, and she brought her tool kit. What’s special about her tool kit?

Amma came back from grandma's home.
Amma came back from grandma’s home.
Amma went to our grandpa's home.
Amma went to our grandpa’s home.
Amma found the leak
Amma found the leak
Amma fixing the leak with her magic toolkit.
Amma fixed the leak with her magic toolkit.

A beautiful story that reminds an incident that happened at our home. A family who resides two floors above were out of town due to this corona pandemic. Suddenly there was water seepage on our balcony and that’s where Nathan plays with his toys. We asked the house owner to send in the key to find the cause of the leak. After two months we found, there was a leak in their water filter and when closing it magically the leak stopped.

This story always reminds me of that incident, and also we learned the names of common tools. Now Nathan can identify tools and he gladly helps his appa when mending things.

Definitely recommend this book and let me know if you had any funny experiences like this.

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