REVIEW: Beegu By Alexis Deacon

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REVIEW: Beegu By Alexis Deacon






“Earth creatures were mostly big and unfriendly, but there were some small ones who seemed hopeful’

The above line from the book triggered my memory back to 2015. I was doing my MBA, got placed on campus and the company called me immediately to join. It was in Bangalore and the strangest thing I felt beside me was the different language, the rice differed from my usual one, the sambar was tasting sweet, it was crowded. But I had amazing roommates, the hostel was close to my office, and I had a few Tamilian in my office. I took one step at a time and once I was about to settle, my final exam dates came. Then after chaos and I thought I got the hang of my job, I got married came to Chennai and here I am. This city is not new for me, but a year in Bangalore was like Beegu’s feeling.

Enough of my ramblings, let me come to the story of Beegu.

Beegu was a lost alien. He was lonely and alone and nothing was so good for him on the Earth. He tried to fit in with others, but he was not welcomed by them. After days of wandering, he met a few children in the school playground and they were so happy to see him. They joined him in all their games, and Beegu was finally settling in. Unfortunately, a grown-up came and spoilt the fun for him. He threw Beegu out and his friends gave him a heartfelt adieu. Once again lost in the world, Beegu had no hopes left. Will his mother’s spaceship come at the right time to rescue him?

A heartfelt story about an act of kindness and how we are welcoming strangers around us. Not everyone has an open heart to welcome others, and sometimes we need to welcome strangers to fit their story into our lives. You could easily use this book to talk about including other’s feelings and empathize with them. The illustrations are so warming and the colours are pleasant to our eyes. I would suggest including this awesome book in your home library.

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