REVIEW: Line Leads The Way By Laura Purdie Salas

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REVIEW: Line Leads The Way By Laura Purdie Salas







A poster featuring a wanted sign for a treasure keeper captures the attention of various shapes from near and far. Each shape embarks on a journey to the Valley View Library, their distinct characteristics meticulously described by the author. However, despite its plain appearance, the Line undertakes a challenging journey to reach the library. During the audition, the librarian poses a thought-provoking question: “Why would you be an excellent treasure keeper?” Each shape firmly believes they are the ideal candidate. One boasts its ability to fight off anyone who approaches, another its talent for hiding the treasure, and a third its capacity to outshine the treasure itself.

However, the Line’s response leaves a lasting impression on the librarian and she says “The treasure keeper’s role is not to hide or hoard the treasure but to share it with others.” What did the Line say that impressed the librarian? Will the Line secure the position, or will the strongest shape claim the job? Discover the answers within this captivating book.

The illustrations in this book are fun, bright, and eye-catching. The characters’ speech is presented in a dialogue format, which adds a comical touch to the story. However, despite the vibrant illustrations, the ending feels somewhat rushed. The author could have talked more about self-acceptance and how the shapes’ mean words don’t matter. This would have made the ending stronger.

What impressed me about this book is that it provides an opportunity for many discussions about different shapes and their characteristics, how to disregard negative comments, be true to yourself, and do things with our whole heart. The word usage in this book is so interesting that even children aged 6 and above will find it engaging and enriching. It encourages them to encounter new words and enhances their vocabulary.

Thanks to NetGalley and Capstone Editions for sending me a digital copy of this book. It will be published in August 2024.

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