More Than Just Waiting!

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More Than Just Waiting!

‘Waiting” is a noun, and it means the action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or event. It’s mid of May and I am we are still in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. I thought this summer it will vanish and my kid can enjoy his new school and I can have my me time again. I was so wrong, and I was so impatient, you know why? It’s the second Covid wave in India. We are forced to stay indoors and many of my loved ones have caught in this second wave.

This waiting reminded me of an incident from the Bible. Acts 1:4 says, On one occasion, while he was eating with them, he gave them this command: “Do not leave Jerusalem but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about.

Acts is an important chapter in the Bible. It comes after the ministry of Jesus and his resurrection. It also talks about the early church and how the holy spirit helped. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, the disciples were scared, and they were forced to shut inside. They lost their leader, their friend and they were scared of their lives. They were said wait for me and do not leave Jerusalem. Waiting is hard, and it makes us do crazy things. I couldn’t even bear this pandemic. Imagine the disciples facing hatred and death threats.

But these people didn’t simply wait. They were waiting in an upper room, they were waiting in anticipation, fear, and excitement for Jesus. They simply didn’t wait, they didn’t chat and spent their time. Acts 1:14 says, they prayed, and they also chose a new disciple to replace Judas. It was not mentioned how many days they were waiting for the Holy Spirit. But they were praying and worshipping together. While they did that, the Holy Spirit descended upon them.

As we wait on God, it doesn’t mean doing anything or impatiently rushing forward. Instead, we can pray, worship, and enjoy fellowship as we anticipate what He’ll do. The waiting prepares our hearts, minds, and bodies for what’s to come.

Waiting is very hard, and this pandemic is making us question our future like the disciples. But they found the light through prayer and worship. How are we coping with the fear? Are we strengthening our soul in fear or lamenting by seeing the surroundings? Before writing this piece, I was scared and this morning I was ranting my feeling on social media. I got my answer!

My faith was shaken for few moments and God reminded me through this chapter and I trust in him. Though the surrounding situation is scary, and people are crying for help. I know prayer can break anything. I also know this waiting period in our life will reveal God’s handiwork in our life. Let’s trust our God and move our life forward.

Stay strong and this too shall pass soon. There’s a season for everything and this is the season for waiting.

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