REVIEW: Kadai Veedhi Kalakalakkum/கடை வீதி கலகலக்கும்

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REVIEW: Kadai Veedhi Kalakalakkum/கடை வீதி கலகலக்கும்







My favourite author and publisher have released their third book, and I have the privilege of reviewing it again. This is about a new book called “Kadai Veedhi Kalakalakkum” (கடை வீதி கலகலக்கும்), which tells the humorous story of a curious little girl named Kumudha. She goes to the market with her uncle to shop for the items listed by her mother, but the trip quickly turns into chaos and confusion due to Kumudha’s antics. In the end, witness how her contagious happiness transforms chaos into a market full of beaming faces, leaving everyone joyfully caught in her whirlwind of wonder. Discover the secret of her contagious happiness by grabbing this beautiful board book. A hint of her happiness is on the title page.

This beautiful book brings back memories of my visits to the market with my grandmother. My grandparents lived in Chennai, and during my vacations, I always looked forward to accompanying my grandma to the market. I would walk quietly beside her as we explored the marketplaces. The illustrations in the book are so lifelike that each page takes me back to my childhood. In those days, markets had different sections, and this book perfectly captures that.

Each page takes us through Kumudha’s adventure towards acquiring a possession (no spoilers). The shop names and characters on every page are so realistic, making this book a definite page-turner. I was discussing “Annachi Kadai” with Nathan before I got my hands on this book. The following week, I received the book and was pleased to find a reference to Annachi Kadai on one of the pages. The author and illustrator did an excellent job of creating a realistic portrayal of a 90s shop with a modern touch that even today’s kids can appreciate. They even included a QR code on one of the pages. If you find it, comment below! There are still more trademark items from the 90s on each page, but I cannot give away every spoiler from this book. Get this book to enjoy a good laugh while reading this story.

Apart from the chaos and nostalgia, this book teaches kids about focus, responsibility, and handling situations. A book filled with rich Tamil vocabulary with some colloquial Tamil terms too. A book suitable for both kids and adults and it comes with a free colouring book.

I received the book from publisher Agan Adhigaram for free to review; all words are my own. You can purchase this book from Amazon or drop a message on Instagram @agan_adhigaram

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