REVIEW: The Stained Envelope By Aurelie Lien

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REVIEW: The Stained Envelope By Aurelie Lien







“The Stained Envelope” is a heartwarming story about Flekk, a plain envelope from Lillehammer, Norway. Flekk was delighted when he was chosen to deliver a letter and embark on a new adventure. However, his excitement quickly turned into fear, loneliness, and disillusionment during his journey. Along the way, Flekk meets a strange companion named Mel, who offers encouragement and helpful hints. Eventually, Flekk realizes the reason for his long journey and what he discovers will leave you captivated. Get your hands on this book to find out more about Flekk’s incredible journey.

A beautiful faith-based book for kids and the truth conveyed in this book will help to bridge the foundation of young kids.  The book begins with an envelope being chosen for a journey. The author skillfully draws a comparison between our life’s journey and that of an envelope. Just as an envelope is tossed and turned on its way to its final destination, we too encounter similar twists and turns on our path of life.

The book finishes with a beautiful line “Your life has a great purpose. Just like me, you may get bruised along the way or feel like you don’t fit in. Yet, remember that what you carry on the inside is priceless. You too were born to be a carrier of hope”. At times, both children and adults may experience feelings of loneliness or discouragement due to various events occurring around them. But, all of us carry something priceless given to us by our creator Jesus. So with that hope, we can carry forward our life’s journey and not get distracted by the troubles we face.

Although Flekk’s journey has ended and it brought a smile to his recipient’s face, we all have a long journey ahead of us. Let’s offer a prayer to Jesus, asking Him to use us to bring joy to someone’s life.

The book features impressive artwork and is a lovely addition to any home’s bookshelf.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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