REVIEW: The Creator In You By Jordan Raynor

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REVIEW: The Creator In You By Jordan Raynor







I came across this beautiful book where my parents asked me to pick a book for a very cute boy’s birthday. What captured my attention was the great artwork and how the author portrayed the magnificent God’s creation story with a bit of twist to capture the attention of the young children.

As we all know God created the world in six days and each day he dedicated himself to creating new and marvellous things. He had a plan and a purpose for each creation. But, day six was so special to him and he created humans who were just like him. The author emphasised beautifully why the sixth-day creation is so magnificent and marvellous.

He gave freedom to humans and he made them do what he does by filling the world with marvellous things, from sand castles and s’mores to books and businesses. These small things create joy for God as well as for humans who are the perfect image of him.

As an adult, I am very captivated by the illustrations and the texts on each page of the book. Genesis 1 is the backbone of anything in the world and this book provides the children with an interesting perspective on creation. The main emphasis of this book is to keep creating, whatever that may look like in my life so that I can do exactly what God left me on the planet for. The sixth day was just the beginning for humans to create endless opportunities in the world.

So a question for you, what are you going to create next to fill up the world? A must book for any family’s library and a great book to read to children during Sunday school.

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