REVIEW: We’ll Make Things Better Together by Ben Gundersheimer

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REVIEW: We’ll Make Things Better Together by Ben Gundersheimer







This beautiful book explores the activities done by racially diverse young children in their homes, neighbourhoods. Their actions are simple, like waking up their sibling, tying their shoelaces, collecting garbage in local parks, and helping neighbours. Their parents are equally participating in their actions and there is no gender-based role specified in this book. Each child or adult does a designated action that helps the people around them and which in turn makes the community more fun and when the community joins together, the world indeed becomes a better place.

A very good book for a young child to observe the illustrations and see each action done by the community in the entire book. Each page has very short lines and the pictures speak directly to the reader. The takeaway the young child can get from this book is sharing responsibilities, helping the community around you, working together and end of the day having fun together.

What I observed and enjoyed from the book, the author emphasizes the importance of teamwork and collaboration. He does not assign any gender-based roles or stereotypes and instead focuses on how individuals can work together to achieve a common goal. He makes sure the individuals show empathy not only towards the people but also towards the nature around them. This is something that I found refreshing, as it shows that no matter what gender you are, everyone can work together to succeed.

We all have the power to make the world a more loving, supportive and welcoming place. We can do this by coming together and taking action.

I received the digital copy of the book to review and all words are my own.

This book is releasing worldwide on May 9 2023. Make sure you grab this lovely book and give it a read.

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