Things for which I am grateful

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Things for which I am grateful

While I was doing the mundane task of ironing my clothes, the song “Nanmigal” by Timothy Sharon was playing in the background. This song stirred something in me, and I realized that God wanted me to write about Thanksgiving to finish the year. This year began with trials and tribulations that I had never experienced before in my life. However, this song spoke to me about the things we can be thankful to God for.

The blessing and goodness that he bestowed upon us cannot be forgotten or counted by us, for it is his nature to perform miracles and do good for us. I pondered upon the goodness that I have experienced this year, and I realized that I am breathing, I have shelter over my head, I have food on my table, and I have clothes to protect my dignity. What more could I ask for? Above all, I know that he chose me for a reason and gave me life to do something good. Many who started this year, were unable to finish this year. But you and I are still breathing for a purpose. The breath he has given us for free is to help others without expecting anything in return.

The biggest thing that God has done for me is save me and call me to be His own. Not everyone has been given this privilege of being called and saved by Him. Knowing Jesus and being redeemed by Him is the greatest gift I could ask for, especially as we near the end of this year.

Previously, I believed that good times were only related to worldly things. However, my perspective has changed this year – being with God is enough, and He will provide for all our needs in this world. When the time of tribulation arrives, it can be difficult to accept due to our preoccupation with worldly possessions. We become fixated on the negative comments that others may make about us during our downfall. However, it is important to take a moment to reflect and ask ourselves why we should pay attention to their hurtful words. A simple prayer I learned to overcome difficult situations is: “God, I don’t know how to overcome this. I am struggling and need your help. Take this away if this is your will” It works miraculously. A simple heartful prayer changes things for us.

It has been difficult to reach this point of contentment. It took me years to achieve this mindset, but I didn’t do it alone. The grace of God was with me, and through the trials, just like gold in the furnace or wheat in the threshing floor, I was in God’s hands. So if you are struggling to give thanks to the Lord, start with small things around you that bring joy. God, I am thankful for the morning, my life, the flowers, a child’s smile, my neighbour, my family, my health… We would have crossed over 100 thankful prayers.

I hope this small piece of words spoken to me by Jesus will help you lift your spirits and inspire gratitude with a thankful heart.

Have a blessed new year.



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