When we seek to know God’s will, three things must come together: our inner urge or desire, the word of God, and the trend of circumstances. John 6:38 says For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.

The inner urge or desire is God in your heart, pushing you to progress. The word of God affirms whatever he speaks to your heart, and God’s circumstances always reflect his will. Do not begin until all three align.

The will of God can be compared to the life of Nehemiah. The book of Nehemiah provides a clear understanding of God’s will. Nehemiah 1 recounts how Nehemiah learned about the suffering of the people in Jerusalem and the state of the city walls. He had a strong desire and prayed about it. He received favour from the king and began his journey to Jerusalem to build the wall. Despite facing difficulties, God’s will was clear and He helped to build the wall in just 52 days. 

At times along our journey, we may come to a crossroads and feel unsure about which way to go. Without a map, it can be challenging to know whether to turn left or right or to continue straight. When we come across a signpost with clear directions, we feel relieved and content. However, if we cannot find a signpost, we may end up wandering off course for miles and heading in the wrong direction.

On our journey through life, God has placed signposts along the strange and winding road. According to Psalm 32:8, God promises to instruct and teach us, guiding us with his eye. Even when we are struggling with heavy burdens, he will guide our footsteps along the path, which may not always be straight. It may have twists and turns, but he will still lead us. We may hear his guidance through his words, a whisper, a friend’s advice, a quote, or even a passing car.

Our father is always close to us, especially in our darkest and most uncertain moments. Let us be still and trust that he will guide us along our journey, providing us with the directions we need at the right time.

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