REVIEW: தொடுதல் / touch by Nisha Priyanka

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REVIEW: தொடுதல் / touch by Nisha Priyanka

BOOK: தொடுதல் / Touch






A few weeks back I was telling Nathan there are certain body parts you are not supposed to show to others or let them touch. Nathan being Nathan, started to bombard me with questions. Nisha at the right time sent me this book for review and we both started to dig the book.

A very short and simple book yet very crisp to the point. This board book talks about good touch and bad touch. It starts with, how our body is magical and how one should know about good and bad touch. It also talks about how a kid can differentiate between a good touch and a bad touch. Who can touch us and what are the sensitive areas in our body. The sensitive areas are colour coded and the kid can differentiate the body parts accordingly. The book ends with what should we do when someone touches sensitive areas and never feel guilty about what happened.

Such a lovely book, perfect for kids who are starting school. This is a Tamil board book and if you know to read Tamil, a must-have book on your bookshelf. The author explained that good touches (hugs and kisses from family members, a pat on the back, a handshake, or a high 5) and bad touches (a hit, slap, punch, kick, bite, hard pinch, shove, or grabbing, tugging, scratching, tripping, or choking).

You can pick this book from Nisha @Sastigai or Amazon or Flipkart for 350 INR plus free shipping. If you are an independent bookseller and wanted to stock this book, you can contact Nisha for discounted rates.

Highly recommend this book, and don’t forget to teach correct body part names to your kids.

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