REVIEW: Do You Love Bugs? By Matt Robertson

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REVIEW: Do You Love Bugs? By Matt Robertson






Do you love bugs? Is an affordable paperback by Matt Robertson.  The book starts with a golden rule to love a bug and a few interesting facts about them. This book talks about 14 different bugs like worms, bees, beetles, dragonflies, butterflies, moths, grasshoppers, spiders, ants, snails, and stick insects. Each bug is clearly explained for a kid and the illustrations are brilliant. With two pages about each bug, the author added all information about the mini-beasts.

Find out how honey bees make their honey, why moths always fly around lamps and how bombardier beetles protect themselves from hungry predators or that butterflies can smell like cake?

We enjoyed this book and in the words of Nathan, the book is colourful, but it is too long. I think the information the author squeezed into each page made him quite overwhelmed. Nevertheless, this book with jam-packed information should be added to your bookshelf, and it is a perfect non-fiction book for mini-beasts.

 I loved the different facts of each bug and few facts amazed me very much. This book is a mix of humour and a well-lit illustration on each page. 

Pick this affordable non-fiction book for your bug loving kid.

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There is a small activity sheet found on the author’s website.

CLICK HERE  to download the activity sheet.

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