REVIEW: Mad About Monkeys By Owen Davey

mad about monkeys
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REVIEW: Mad About Monkeys By Owen Davey






Any monkey fans here? If you or your kid are curious about monkeys, this is a great book. Nathan knew maybe 10 different monkey names, and he was still curious to know about them. I bumped into this book in a pre-loved book store and it took him months to warm to this book. This book is quite a long read for a 4-year kid, but it has jam-packed information about them.

This non-fiction book about monkeys talks about 250 species of monkeys. I never knew that much of them existed. The monkeys are classified into an old-world monkey and a new world monkey, and the author has illustrated them in a way a kid can differentiate them by looking at the picture.

Nathan could classify a few of them by seeing the pictures. The author also talks about their social life, their food, their habitat, their extinct and how we can save them. There is information provided about the habits of various monkeys as well as threats to their habitat. This book is filled with so many facts and is a must-have book for all curious readers. This book doesn’t look like a non-fiction read, it looks like a picture book and I was amused to learn more monkey names. It took us 3 nights to finish reading this book, and it didn’t bore us.

The illustrations are top-notch and even the spine of the book looks so beautiful. I look forward to collecting more Owen Davey books for our ever-growing bookshelf.

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