REVIEW: How Are You Feeling Today? By Molly Potter

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REVIEW: How Are You Feeling Today? By Molly Potter







This gem of a book came a few days back, and I picked it in a lightning deal. Initially, I thought this is a perfect book for Nathan. But the news around me and the footage of people suffering due to the Covid second wave was making me low. This book talks about 12 different feelings, and how we can cope up when we have them.

A moment you may be happy and then the next moment you, have a different feeling. How can we balance them? This book explains to the child what is a feeling, how many feelings are there and what to do when we experience one? This interactive book, lets a child choose the emotion they are feeling and they can turn to that exact page to know about it. It also talks about the healthy methods to deal with big emotions.

A very pleasant book to add to your bookshelf. A good read for 4+ kid. This is a great dip-in book where children can choose a feeling that relates to them and then turn to the page that provides child-friendly strategies for dealing with that feeling.

I hope this wave passes soon and until then stay home, and stay safe. I have been taught if you can’t do physically any help, you can pray for them, and that’s the biggest help you can support the person. Likewise, I am doing that and hope our joint prayer get answered soon.

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