Review: Iris And Isaac By Catherine Rayner

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Review: Iris And Isaac By Catherine Rayner






This is the story of two polar bears; Iris and Issac. They both are best friends and they always tag together. One fine day Iris made a nest too small for both bears to sit and when they both try to fit in together, the nest got squashed. Both the bears were so angry, and they stomped away in opposite directions. As they went, they both saw funny, strange and wonderful things and they both couldn’t share them together. Will they forgive one another?

A beautiful story of friendship, togetherness and forgiveness is portrayed by these two bears. Every kid will get into a fight and some reconcile immediately, and some find it hard to forgive. You can remind the kids it’s ok to have an argument, and it’s good to forgive them soon. This story is not said whether they are friends or siblings, but the message goes to all.

I love Cathrine Rayner book for her illustration and this book paved a way to talk about the polar bear, Eiders, Arctic fox, ice cave and northern lights. Nathan was excited to learn about them and a reminder for him to stop fighting with his parents for silly things.

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