Review: Smelly Louie By Catherine Rayner

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Review: Smelly Louie By Catherine Rayner






A funny story about a dog called Louie who has a bath but doesn’t like his new smell. He goes out on an adventure to get his smell back, rolling in all the smelly things he finds. He went past through a boot in a bush, some smelly bins, sludge and a smelly pond, and then back to the house. Do you think it’s time for Louie’s another bath?

This is a simple and clever story to introduce cleanliness and differentiate good and bad smell. The dog passed through really smelly things like mouldy cheese, fish leftovers, and cabbage leaves mixed with rotten eggs. The illustrations are so good and when you flip each page, you can see how the colour of Louie gets changed and how he from clean to dirty he turned out. The texts are repetitive and it’s a great book for younger kids to get hold of new words. 

Have a kid or a dog who hates bath time? Grab this book and read it aloud to them. I hope the dog listens to your reading 😛

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