REVIEW: MOTH: An Evolution Story By Isabel Thomas

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REVIEW: MOTH: An Evolution Story By Isabel Thomas







A moth is an interesting non-fiction book about a Peppered moth. Until the early 1800s, most peppered moths had speckled wings, which helped camouflage them on trees, while those few born with solid black wings were easier for predators to spot and rarely survived to reproduce. The interesting fact was that the moth can lay an egg the next day they are born. But then, with introducing the Industrial Revolution and air pollution, those black-winged peppered moths blended into their environment better, and they became the ones who lived long enough to reproduce. The peppered moth was eaten by their predators and they were impossible to pass on their speckled wings to the next generation. Then the humans cleared their mess and once the air became clean, the speckled wing moths were back. This picture explains the life cycle of a moth in a distinct way.

The illustrations on each page are so spectacular and the colour of each moth adapted well with the environment the illustrator painted it. This book talks about the evolution of moths and how they can adapt to their surroundings. Added to the evolution, I would discuss the environmental changes the animals/ insects face when humans do things for their comfort. A perfect and budget-friendly book for your home library.

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