REVIEW: Nini and the Lost Panda: A Forest Adventure by Di Jiao

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REVIEW: Nini and the Lost Panda: A Forest Adventure by Di Jiao

In a quaint village nestled at the edge of a magical forest, lived a curious and imaginative little girl named Nini. With her bright smile and sparkling eyes, Nini was always seeking new adventures to embark upon. One sunny day, as she and her friends roamed the outskirts of the village, she stumbled upon a secret path leading deep into the heart of the enchanting forest. Intrigued by the unknown, Nini bravely followed the path, she ventured further into the depths of the forest.

To her surprise, right in the centre of this picturesque clearing stood an adorable panda, clearly lost. With the goal of assisting her new friend Blackie, in getting back to his family, Nini sets off on an exciting journey through the forest that will include picnics, storytelling, and lots of laughter. Despite coming from different worlds, Nini and the panda develop an unbreakable bond that is as bright as the forest they play in and as strong as Nini’s bravery. Readers are reminded by this lighthearted adventure that love has no boundaries.

This was an interesting book with bright pictures that would be perfect for kids aged 3-5 years old. The only minor drawback I noticed was that the text was in a box and looked a bit cramped. However, the plot was nice and I could tell from the ending that there will be a sequel to this book.

I received the book from the author Di Jiao to review; all words are my own. You can purchase this book from Amazon.

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