The Storms Of Life

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The Storms Of Life

This year started with high hopes and expectations for me, hoping that things would be better than before. However, it seems that fate had other plans for me. I was struck with an illness that was beyond anything I could have imagined. Despite this, I managed to push through it. Unfortunately, just a few weeks ago, I had to face yet another illness. You may wonder how this woman stuck by this and was able to write about it. Didn’t the Apostle Paul do the same? Whatever happens my redeemer is alive.

The path was tough, but I knew that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. How am I so sure? The verses that God speaks to me with, comforted me. I was blessed with praying grandparents and a great ministering mother. I know that prayers protected me when I was unable to defend myself. During every difficult moment, I felt a guiding presence, as if a life lesson was being taught to me.

This situation got me thinking about the hand threshing procedure of choosing grains from the threshing floor. I am grateful to have been chosen for this task, even though at times I have questioned why I must endure it. As a human made from dust, it is natural to have doubts and questions about our purpose. There may be moments when you, like Job’s wife, wonder why you should continue to trust in God. But is it right to trust Him and give Him glory only in the good times? Sometimes praise calls for even our darkest moments.

Is it fair to only trust God during good times? Should we leave Him during the rough times? Nah, I don’t think so. He should be a part of our lives during all the seasons. Ecclesiastes chapter 3 talks about the different seasons in life and how there is a time for everything. Maybe this year is all about making me a good grain in the eyes of the Lord. Perhaps my testimony will inspire others to put their trust in Him too.

To be a blessing to many is my desire, and I will be glad if it brings others closer to God. I received the gospel freely, and I feel compelled to give it back for free. If Jesus is not able to deliver you out of the storm, He will still be with you and guide you through it. Even if the storm doesn’t calm down, He will bring peace to your heart and calm your fears. Whatever He does, He never fails those who have put their faith in Him and trust Him completely.

The storms of life are inevitable; they will come. These storms have the power to reveal where our faith truly lies, whether we are living by faith or by sight. Moreover, the storms provide God with an opportunity to work on our hearts and strengthen our faith.

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