Review: The Great Realisation By Tomos Roberts

great realisation
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Review: The Great Realisation By Tomos Roberts







The great realisation before it hit hardcover was a beautiful, poetic read by the author to his sibling: 60million people viewed the read all around the world and they appreciated it.

Then, the great realisation was turned into a gorgeous bedtime read by the author for the whole world. The year 2020 made many families jobless, hopeless, and the entire globe stood at a standstill. This book talks all about hope and no matter what happens, appreciate things that truly matter the most. A story of hope, a new future, and a time to change our lives in meaningful ways. 

The read starts with the author talking to his siblings about the year 2020 and what made every person lock themselves inside the home. The author says how the world was before the pandemic and how the people were running around and how fast the world was. On every page, he takes us through each detail of our life: how we were running ahead of every person and how we didn’t mind the clutter we created around us. Suddenly the government announced restrictions, and they forced us to stay inside our homes. There was loss, grievances, yet we were all there for one another. We created a new habit; we could look around us, appreciate every little thing around us.

The illustrations are breathtaking and each picture is clearly depicted how we were leading our life before the pandemic hits us. This is a book where I can discuss with my son how the world has collided before this pandemic came.

I recommended having this book on every children’s bookshelf. If the world didn’t end and I chanced to meet my grandchildren, this is the book I will save and tell everything about this pandemic.

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