Review: SOAR By Hillary Daecher

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Review: SOAR By Hillary Daecher







Disclaimer: this book is sent to us by the author for an honest review. All the words are my own.

Soar is about a beautiful ruby-throated hummingbird named Ramone who takes over his biggest fear with lots of encouragement and guidance from his mother. Told in rhyming words and each page is filled with vibrant illustrations. This is an uplifting book for adults and young children.

On a bright, sunny day, Ramone’s mother chirping up beautifully and waking up Ramone. Ramone was anxious and was trying to avoid this difficult conversation with his mother because of his fear. Ramone gives many explanations and was dreading away the time. Ramone goes back to his cosy nest and daydreams that he can finally soar in the sky, but he is not ready to make his first drift. Ramone, with the help of his mother, can he conquer his fear and soar in the sky?

An exquisite story was sent to me by the author for review. I got in the right time and this is my first post of the year. The year 2020 was filled with lots of fear and we were all held up in our own nests. We all faced the biggest fear of our lives and somehow we conquered that fear and we entered 2021. If we hadn’t tried to conquer the fear, we wouldn’t have come this far. Just like Ramone, unless we try anything, we cannot get over our fear.

This book is filled with beautiful illustrations, and each page is filled with the paths of hummingbirds. The kid can trace the path with their hands and see how they soar high in the sky. Nathan often says he doesn’t want to do certain things. This book will always be a great reminder for him to try things first and then give up on things.

At the end of the book, you’ll find a page of interesting hummingbird facts and also a page filled with questions that can begin discussions with children about fear and anxiety.

Nathan is enjoying this book and it’s a brilliant book to add to our birds unit study.

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