Review: The Squirrels Who Squabbled By Rachel Bright

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Review: The Squirrels Who Squabbled By Rachel Bright







Do you have a kid or an adult who doesn’t share anything or greedy for things or fights for things? Then this is a story for all of you.

Once upon a time, there lived two squirrels, Cyril and Bruce. Autumn is ending but Cyril didn’t collect any nuts for the winter. But Bruce hoarded nuts and stored a pile of them. Cyril found a last nut of the season but Bruce wanted to add to his pile. Both race to pick the nut and in between, they squabble and fall into the river. The only way to get saved is to help one another. Do you think they will help despite their squabbling? Pick this gorgeously illustrated book to find out.

A beautiful story that emphasis on sharing, teamwork and greed. A kid must be thought to share and not be greedy no matter how the circumstance is. I am stressed to teach Nathan about greed and sharing due to this present pandemic situation. I can see people panic buying all things and they never think are we giving opportunity to others. When we expose a kid to that they may think hoarding is fun. This pandemic has thought me to share and don’t be greedy. Pick things for if it’s really important and in sufficient quantity. A beautiful story that emphasised this message and a very good read for adults too.

What did this pandemic teach you?

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