REVIEW: The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland

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REVIEW: The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland






Zebra, Moose, Lion and Sheep are all trying to get away from rain and they need a place to play. They found a perfect place to play a cave, but they failed to notice someone very cranky is sleeping inside. To their despair, the bear woke up and it was very cranky and chased them out. So zebra Moose and Lion decided to find any adornment to lessen the bear’s crankiness. But they made bear crankier and sillier with their adornments. Sheep who was standing in the rain decided to pitch in and save them from the bear. What did the sheep do to save them from the cranky bear?

What we enjoyed in this book was,
🐑The illustrations are colourful, bold, and inviting.
🐑A great book to talk about others feelings.
🐑For instance, the sheep asked the bear what exactly was his problem and he understood his problem and solved it.
🐑Whereas the other three animals wanted to cheer the bear without understanding the problem.
🐑A good book to tell what makes us happy will not make others happy.
🐑A book to learn about sharing in a timely situation.
🐑Also a good book to do a wonderful craft of bear’s adornments.

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