REVIEW: Unlovable By Dan Yaccarino

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REVIEW: Unlovable By Dan Yaccarino






Alfred is a little pug who is teased by his siblings, a cat, a parrot, and a goldfish. He is made fun of by neighbourhood dogs for looking different, for not being a good runner, and for having a mouth too small to hold a ball. Alfred believes he is completely unlovable. When Rex, the new dog, moves in next door, they are unable to see each other over the tall fence that separates their yards. Alfred tells a lie about what kind of dog he is in hopes that Rex won’t find him unlovable. But what happens when Rex and Alfred come face to face?

Nathan loves pugs and he is pestering me to get one. This is his favourite book as it has a pug, and he tells me what a pug can do by showing the pictures from this book. Apart from being a pug, this story has a very wonderful message for kids and adults, that we must not exclude others and embrace each other’s differences. we can also learn to embrace what’s unique about ourselves regardless of what others say. The illustrations are simplistic yet stunning.

A lesson for every age is not to address anyone as unlovable. In one line, it’s a cute story about a little Pug who feels unlovable. Lots of opportunities to discuss bullying, honesty, friendship and acceptance.

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