REVIEW: Words And Your Heart By Kate Jane Neal

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REVIEW: Words And Your Heart By Kate Jane Neal






On  Easter Sunday, a festive, and the faith I follow celebrates. It’s a special day, and I thought to share some good news with my community about my new venture of selling digital biblical verse. I have always loved to create and explore new things. My household name is, “Jack of all trades” I shared the good news about my creation and my new page. I never knew my faith would receive so much hatred. My inbox was filled with sad emojis, angry emojis and a lot of unfollowers. If the page doesn’t resonate with you, we can always choose to ignore it. The other person needs not to know your thoughts.

Woke up with a bad heart and I stumbled up with an apt book, words and your heart. We all know words are stronger than a pen nib. Once we shoot out, we cannot take it back.

This book talks about the same. What do words do to our hearts? Our hearts represent who we are. Each person has a unique heart and what we think and what we do represents each person. The words we listen to can affect how we feel. Some words can do amazing things and make us happy. Our words have the power, to hurt or make a person happy.

A beautiful book to talk with kids about, how to talk with people and how to use our words wisely. Also, a reminder to adults words have extraordinary power to harm and to heal. To create and to destroy, and to spread love.

The little bit inside of you that makes you, you!

Have a school-going kid in your home? Don’t forget to have this book on your bookshelf!

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