REVIEW: வடை போச்சே /Vadai Pochae by Ramya – Sethuraman

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REVIEW: வடை போச்சே /Vadai Pochae by Ramya – Sethuraman

BOOK: வடை போச்சே /VADAI POCHAE






Four years back I couldn’t find any interactive books in Tamil for my son. I have different interactive books in English and he enjoyed them all these years. I thought his love for interactive books would have disappeared and I was wrong. He is 5 and when he opened this book parcel, he was so elated to see this interactive book and that’s his favourite story.

வடை போச்சே /Vadai pochae is the book I am talking about. Everyone knows the story of pati/ grandmother, crow, fox and vadai. There were many different versions of this story and I remember reading one version where vadai was replaced by cheese. This book is a standalone to other stories because of the twist in the end. The last page in this interactive book was very clever and Nathan didn’t expect the wheel mechanism to give a twist in the story.

The illustrations were so bright and the younger kids would love to explore the book for its bright pictures. Also, get this book and introduce them to thirukkural. For people who are not knowing about it is as follows; The Tirukkuraḷ, or shortly the Kural, is a classic Tamil language text consisting of 1,330 short couplets, or kurals, of seven words each. The text is divided into three books with aphoristic teachings on virtue, wealth and love, respectively. Considered one of the greatest works ever written on ethics and morality, it is known for its universality and secular nature.

Fun fact: The life cycle of the butterfly is given on each page and helps your child to spot the whole process.

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