REVIEW: KOZHUKATTA By Sumi Chandrasekharan

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REVIEW: KOZHUKATTA By Sumi Chandrasekharan







Poonu, the main protagonist of the story, is very forgetful and can’t remember things. He loves food and often gets frustrated for not remembering the favourite foods his wife cooks. One day, while visiting his friend’s house, he was offered something soft, white, round and delicious food. It was very new, and he was determined not to forget its name. He was chanting the name of the food on the way home and was careful not to slip it from his memory. Read on to find out what happens next in this traditional Indian tale.

A beautiful village in Kerela.
A beautiful village in Kerala.
Ponnu's forgetting nature.
Ponnu’s forgetting nature.
Ponnu visits his friend's home.
Ponnu visits his friend’s home.

Nathan and I had a riot of laughter while reading this book. It was hilarious to find Ponnu trying so hard to remember the name of the food. This book is perfect for introducing different delicacies to our kids. A few delicacies like Onion Pakoda, Rassogolla, Gulab Jamun, Samosa, Chikki etc are very popular in every house and kids can recollect them while reading them.

The Author started this story about a beautiful village in Kerala. We had a few discussions about that state and it was fun to learn about their culture and their food habits. The illustrations portrayed the village very well and were a perfect book for a foodie.

Beautiful page filled with alphabet.
A beautiful page filled with the alphabet.

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