REVIEW: Journey To Constellation Station by Lindsay C Barry

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REVIEW: Journey To Constellation Station by Lindsay C Barry







This book was gifted to me by the author for an honest review. All words and opinions are honest and are my own.

Ever wanted to travel to space on a train? Now close your eyes and imagine boarding a train. Pick the front seat near the window (for a better view). We are going on a long stellar journey in our galaxy to a constellation station. Before we reach the station, we will come across different outer space objects like Meteor, Satellite, and Black tunnels… This constellation station is a secret place just for you and me. Let’s quickly pick up our telescope and find our stars. We can spot famous constellations like Cancer, Leo, Libra, Cygnus, the Swan, Gemini, and more. Will you join us on our stellar journey where we spot our stars? Then don’t forget to pre-order this constellation book.

This rhyming story takes us on a stellar journey. And I rode the train along. The illustrations are so beautiful and I was drooling over the artwork. This book will be loved by all space-loving kids and helpful for stargazing. You don’t want to trust in the Zodiac to read about the constellation. Just connect stars and enjoy their formation. When we start to connect stars, we pave a way for abundant conversations and it helps the child to learn more about its form. Each constellation is briefed up and the star formation is mentioned along with animals. There’s a glossary attached on the last page of the book which talks about each conservation and the objects of space.

Say, Leo, the Lion roars into view, his mane, his crowning jewel. Cancer, the crab side steps the stars. Grasping with his claws.

A few STEM activities mentioned by the author are,

  • How will outer space be? Will it be hot or cold? Loud or quiet?
  • Do a blanket camp in your terrace or backyard, light up a flashlight and see the stars. What else can you see? What sounds can you hear?
  • Go stargazing. Spot the brightest star and learn about them.

Fun fact: space is completely silent. There are 200-400 billion stars in our galaxy alone and 1.3 million Earths could fit inside the Sun.

A fun and crisp book that acts as a supplement for constellation studies for all ages.

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