How to make edible sand?

edible sand
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How to make edible sand?

A year back when Nathan just turned 2, we experienced the worst summer, also there was a severe water shortage and we were finding ways to entertain him. Randomly I ground a pack of old biscuit packs and set up a quick sensory bin and later got to when they are called edible sand. One can use this edible sand for preparing desserts also. This sand is not moldable and it is edible that a year old baby can play with it. Nathan enjoyed this edible sand bin with his favourite construction toys.

A bin containing biscuit crumbs for play.

To set up this low prep activity, you will need


  • Any digestive biscuits or crackers
  • Brown sugar (if needed)
  • Blender or mixer or mixer
  • A big tub
  • Toys which your kids can play or moulds


  • Break the biscuit into halves and put them in the blender and grind them into fine crumbs.
  • One can add brown sugar at this stage if needed.
  • Transfer them into a big tub or container along with their favourite construction toys.

Sit back and sip your coffee now.

This activity is excellent for pouring, scooping, and paves way for pretend play. I wouldn’t care about the mess made because watching a toddler play is so therapeutic.

What are your kids favourite sensory bins?

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