How to make Humpty Dumpty craft/ Dinosaur Egg Craft Using Band aid?

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How to make Humpty Dumpty craft/ Dinosaur Egg Craft Using Band aid?

A simple craft we did when he was very fond of dinosaurs. Anything and everything he recollects it with a dinosaur. So a simple fine motor activity using a band-aid.

Why peeling a sticker is important?

Sticker peeling develops different skills in kids. Accidentally, a toddler learns many new pre-writing skills while doing a simple peeling activity.

A few benefits are,

  • Pincer grip
  • Bilateral hand coordination is important for developing life skills
  • Visual Awareness
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Hand strength
  • Fine motor development
  • Pre-writing development

We did a simple DIY activity to enhance this skill. To make this simple activity you will need,

Cut the cardboard pieces in different shapes
The solved puzzle

Supplies Needed:

  • A piece of paper or cardboard with an egg drawn on it
  • Laminate sheets (if required)
  • Bandages


We drew an egg on cardboard and drew some patterns and cut it into puzzle pieces.

We presented him with the puzzle piece and asked him to club the puzzle by applying the bandage.

Simple craft right! You can use this activity to stick Humpty dumpty’s owie too. If you think your kid might tear the puzzle draw the egg on a sheet and laminate them.

To improve this skill one can do this bandage activity or lots of sticker activity books are available in the market and one can pick them. Also, this simple activity is easy to prep and one can use this activity for their quiet time.

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Let me know if your kids love stickers or not.

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