Chia seeds Playdough- Ocean play

chia seed playdough
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Chia seeds Playdough- Ocean play

One afternoon when Nathan decided to skip his afternoon nap, I thought to try playdough using chia seeds. Pinterest was flooded with Chia seeds slime and I was not ready to clean the aftermath mess. So I skipped doing slime.

I decided to try playdough without soaking chia seeds. It turned out great.


Ocean play using the playdoug
Ocean play using the playdough

Things needed to make Chia seeds Playdough,

Chia seeds three-tablespoon
Refined flour 1-2 cup
Corn flour 1/2 cup
Salt a teaspoon
Coconut oil one tablespoon(don’t add more oil, else, it will become sticky)
coloured water as required


  • Start adding each ingredient to a bowl and mix them gently.
  • Don’t pre-soak the chia seeds. We are using them just like that for this playdough. If you pre-soak it will become slimy and the playdough will be sticky.
  • Once the dough starts to form a shape knead them until you get a soft dough.
  • You can store this dough in an airtight container and reuse it.
  • You can re-create a beautiful ocean play using this dough or make different shapes using cookie cutters.


The texture of the dough
The texture of the dough

It was mouldable and we even made footprints and stamp prints on the dough. Nathan bought his scissors and started rolling the dough in thin shapes and was snipping it. A versatile dough and had a beautiful texture. I loved squeezing it with my hands and enjoyed making different shapes along with Nathan.

Scissor skills using playdough
Scissor skills using playdough
Ocean play using the playdough
Ocean play using the playdough

Try this recipe and let me know if your little one enjoyed playing with it.

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