Indian Spices Book free download by Ananya Chandrashekhar

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Indian Spices Book free download by Ananya Chandrashekhar




This printable by Ananya Chandrashekhar is a perfect guide to introducing little ones to Indian spices. With a few puzzles and games to be solved at the end, this makes perfect learning with fun material.

India, as we all know, is called the land of spices. No country in the world produces as many varieties of spices as India does. Indian spices are world-famous for their flavour, aroma, and fine texture. Out of 109 spices listed by ISO (International Standards Organization), India produces around 75 spices in its various climatic regions. India is one of the largest producers, consumers, and exporters of spices in the world.

India is renowned for its spices and has been home to spices since ancient times. The ancient Indian civilization was the first to cultivate and develop spices like cinnamon, cloves, and black pepper. The demand for spices in other countries grew when the Roman Empire established its rule in Egypt, Syria and Palestine. The Romans began importing spices from India to satisfy the taste of the nobles. The demand for Indian spices increased and it became a major trade item.

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