A Bond that is not easily broken

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A Bond that is not easily broken

“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclestians 4:12”

What is the significance of the above verse? It takes three strands to create a cord/rope; three portions of hair must be interwoven and tied together to form a braid. When weaving hair or knotting a string into a fold, it makes a secure bond that cannot be readily broken without putting in some effort.

The king Solomon likens marriage to a rope, suggesting its strength. A rope or hair is braided with three strands. In a marriage, the union between a man and a woman is likened to that of two separate cords. The rope will be attached, but its strength won’t be sufficient to withstand external forces. Including Jesus in your life can give you the strength to endure any challenge.

The holy spirit is also a trinity. When we entrust our relationship to His care, we are assured that the Holy Spirit will steer it in the right direction.

This verse takes me back to my grandparent’s dining room, An elegantly crafted picture frame with an insightful quote inscribed. Christ is the head of the house and an unseen visitor in our every meal. Jesus desires us to be in a close relationship with Him. He desires to be the head of our household. When we give God control over our lives, we can be sure that we will be blessed with much beauty. Invite Him into every decision you make, even a whisper of your heart is enough to deepen the connection.

Let us not restrict this scripture to only married people. Let us welcome Jesus into our lives often and continuously grow our bond with him.

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