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REVIEW: I / ஐ A sangam landforms by Ramya – Sethuram







Tamil Nadu, a state rich in history and natural beauty, is home to a diverse range of landforms that have shaped its landscape over centuries. From majestic mountains to serene coastal plains, Tamil Nadu offers a captivating blend of geographical wonders. In this book, we are presented with a unique opportunity to delve into the landforms that have existed since the Sangam era, providing us with a glimpse into the ancient geography of this region.

Did you know that the oldest Sangam literature mentions five beautiful landscapes? They are called Kurinji, Mullai, Marudham, Neithal, and Palai. (ஐந்திணை வகைகள் குறிஞ்சி, முல்லை, மருதம் ,நெய்தல், பாலை)These landscapes hold great significance in Tamil culture and have been depicted in various poems and literary works.

In this interactive book, we’ll dive deep into the five landforms and explore everything from their unique flora and fauna to the occupations of the people who call them home. We’ll even discover the delicious foods they can grow and learn about their vibrant cultures along with their livestock.

 This interactive book not only engages children with its sliders, lift-the-flap, and telephone dial mechanisms, but it also fosters a deeper connection to the natural world. By introducing these nature-related elements early on, children develop a sense of curiosity and interest in learning. Additionally, the last page of the book adds an exciting element by allowing children to guess the landform and its occupation based on the animal or bird depicted on top of the flap.

The icing on the cake is that being in Tamil, this interactive book allows children to engage with their native language and culture, enhancing their connection to their roots. Additionally, it allows parents or grandparents to bond with their children through storytelling in their mother tongue. On the whole, we call these mechanisms as “திறந்திடு சீசேம் – மூடிடு சீசேம்”

A few facts I came across while reading about this landscape were that the district of Tirunelveli has all five landforms with it, even now. Kurinji division includes hill ranges like Kalakadu, Manimutthar and Papanasam in Tirunelveli district which borders the Western Ghats region. All the forests adjacent to it come under Mullai Division. Major field areas irrigated by the Thamirapharani River such as Cheranmakhadevi, Ambasamudram, Sutamalli, and Kallidaikurichi come under the Marutham division. Areas along the coast like Uvari, Kuttam and Kudankulam come under the Neithal division. Parapadi, Radhapuram, the dry land areas of this district come under the Palai division.

Therefore, Tirunelveli gets the pride of having all the quintessence that Tamil grammar highlights.

Fun Fact: I spent a major chunk of my life in the neighbouring district of Tirunelveli and it comes under the Neithal division.

I received the book from publisher Agan Adhigaram for free to review; all words are my own. You can purchase this book from Amazon or drop a message on Instagram @agan_adhigaram

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