REVIEW: The Kitten Who Said Bow Wow By Mustafa H Syed

The kitten who said bowwow
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REVIEW: The Kitten Who Said Bow Wow By Mustafa H Syed







This is a story about friendship and bravery. Come get engaged in the journey of a little kitten who challenges the age-old saying that cats and dogs do not get along. Experience the story of a brave little kitten who teaches us that you don’t need a cape to be a superhero. Set in the fictional neighbourhood of Bulair, get engaged in the journey of the central character, who is a home pet dog and how he reacts to the possible new entrant to their family: a kitten. Experience how the kitten showcases her bravery and also wins over the friendship of the dog, teaching your kids the valuable lesson of never judging a book by its cover.

This is a third book by the author Syed, who owns the Honesty bookshop. A personalised colouring storybook for the entire family where you can add your own names as part of the story. A thoughtful book for all aged kids and you can colour the book as you want. This gift set also comes with a cute mug and makes a perfect gift box for the festive season.

I am saving this book and I am so curious how Nathan will colour the pictures and name the characters.

About HonestyBookShop

During this lockdown, like most of us, I had the opportunity to spend quality time at home. This allowed me to connect with my 4-year-old and our bonding over her love for stories I wasn’t comfortable with most of the stories that focussed on prince rescuing a princess and girl characters primary quality being to look beautiful. That’s how I started creating stories for my daughter, which I decided to share with other parents. It’s a platform for books that I author based primarily on Diversity, inclusion, well-being, and cognitive skills. My focus is to allow children to think and discuss these very important topics with their parents and my books, acting as a strong medium.


Changing this world one book at a time.


Our childhood memories form the core of who we are as adults. If we can impact our core memories, we create a world where people are inclusive, celebrate kindness, practice gratitude,  respect each other and learn to co-exist.

First 90 days strategy

For kids

1. My books hit on key topics in a very subtle way. I leave cues across the book for my little curious readers to ask questions to their parents where experience sharing and core memories can be built.

2. Personalised colouring storybook- the books are available in two variants (storybook or personalized variant). In the personalised variant, I want kids to give a name of their choice to the characters and colour them the way they like (e.g. pink giraffe, blue lion)

3. Make it an experience- character-themed merchandise allowing obvious reminders of the book learning.

4. Creating equal opportunity, I conduct Storytelling sessions with NGO tie-ups and open my store once in 90 days for you to pick a book at a price of your choice and gift to a lesser privileged.

For parents

This topic could be new to a lot of parents and I run a weekly blog(DIW). I offer bite-sized learning activities for parents and children to promote DIW.

Giving Back

Every 90 days I will open my website where I will make my books available for people to be able to donate to those less privileged at a cost of their choice. I will only do a basic due diligence check of the receiver/Ngo and ship the book free of cost.

There are three variants of this book and you can check them on the website HonestyBookShop

They have given an exclusive coupon code for me and you can use it on their website and avail 10% discount on all products.

 Promo code: exclusive_Nathan

Disclaimer: I received this gift set from the author for an honest review and all the words are my own.

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