REVIEW: What Do They Do With All That Poo? By Jane Kurtz

what do they do with poo
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REVIEW: What Do They Do With All That Poo? By Jane Kurtz







You visit a zoo and ever wondered what will they do with all the animal poo? If no: Welcome to the wonderful world of poo and learn new information along with us. Detailed information is given about most of the animal poo and also you get to know how each animal’s poo is different and how they are buried, sniffed, squirted, weighed, and even thrown. Poop has a commercial purpose, too, and they are sold in many different forms.

What is poo? Poo is a bacteria and bits of undigested food and a lot of alternate names are used to name poo. But let’s stick to Poo, as it’s easy to say.

The zoo animals.
The zoo animals.

The below picture talks about giraffes and Panda and their poo pattern. A few facts about their poop is mentioned and wanted to know what they will do with Panda’s enamours poo, as it doesn’t stink and it mainly contains partially digested bamboo fibres. Panda’s Poop is used to make toilet tissue and facial tissue. The poop undergoes 60 sterilization processes before making it as a tissue.

Similar to Panda’s poo, Elephant’s poo is also used to make paper. Elephant Poopoo Paper Park is an elephant park in Chiang Mai, but it is not an ordinary one. By visiting Elephant Poopoo Paper Park, you will see how they make papers out of elephant poo from the very first step to the last step. Indonesian Taman safari park also uses elephant poo to make paper and gift-shop souvenirs. Apart from that, many national parks started to make papers using elephant dung.

The poop of Giraffe and Panda
The poop information of sloth and Penguin
The poop information of sloth and Penguin

The zoo has tons of poo each day and they clean the animal habitat daily and send it in various trucks to landfills. The scientist also researches what else can be done with poo, apart from making gifts and paper.

Where does Poo go?
Where does Poo go?

Zoo uses tons of poo to make compost with the help of earthworms and resell them. 

A short information about earthworms
Short information about earthworms

A gorgeously illustrated non-fiction book filled with a plethora of information and will surely make you think and laugh. I recommend this book for poop-obsessed kids of all ages.

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