REVIEW: Who Just Went By? Radha Rangarajan

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REVIEW: Who Just Went By? Radha Rangarajan







Animal always leaves their trail and it’s amazing to see their tracks when we spot them. I never minded animal tracks before I became a mom. After I started reading to Nathan, I found lots of interesting things around me. These tracks are so good and one of the important steps we can take to encourage young kids to enjoy nature. Animal tracks can become a window into an otherwise hidden world of animals.

This book introduces young readers to animals and their tracks.

Whose tracks are these?
Whose tracks are these?
A tiger and a deer's track!
A tiger and a deer’s track!
A snow leopard and a blue sheep track
A snow leopard and a blue sheep track
A fox and an agama's track.
A fox and an agama’s track.

The illustrations are bright and realistic images. The animal names and who they are chasing are new to us and we had so many discussions about the tracks.

We downloaded many animal track printables, used our pegboard puzzle and also made animal stamping using play dough and colours to discuss them.

This discussion helped us spot a dog’s and a cow’s trail near our home. 

We enjoy playing with the free printables from Prekinders and Freehomeschooldeals

Few animals in the book were,

  • Tiger and a deer
  • Sandpiper and ghost crab
  • snow leopard and blue sheep
  • Fox and Agama
  • Cat and a slug

Also, this fun book helps us to compare the tracks of different animals and their paw size. If you have an opportunity to spot many animals near your home, gear up and become a detective to find which animal lives around you. Also, learn about their habitat so that we don’t disturb them.

Fun Fact: A tribe called Irulas in southern India can tell you the name of a snake by simply seeing its marks on the ground.

Marks of animals that lived 500 million years were also found by the scientists.

Do you enjoy tracking animal trails?

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